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Hybridmachine is created by Brian Tabone. Trained as a mechanical engineer, I have made my living as a software developer for the past 13 years. Living in Austin Texas, I work for a small biotech company specializing in flow cytometry analyzers used in biotech research and medical labs throughout the world. I created Hybridmachine to answer the need of quickly finding solutions to common (and maybe not so common) computer related problems.

In my years of software development I have always been frustrated in the amount of web searching needed to drill down to solutions. More often than not this has been due to the results being centered around tool and technique names. My goal is to organize the site by problem so that readers can quickly drill down to find tools and techniques to solves these problems. Readers usually have the name of the problem in mind but none of the tool or technique names at hand. My hope is that Hybridmachine helps fellow developers out there quickly find the answers to their problems so they can get on with building great products.

I can be reached at brian underscore tabone at hybridmachine dot com . I would love to hear your feedback and article requests. If I can speak to a topic, I will write about it.

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