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Backblaze and high CPU usage on OS X

February 18th, 2012 1 comment

A friend of mine recently told me about Backblaze and I have since signed up and have been loving the peace of mind at having my important pictures and documents backed up offsite. There has been one catch however, spotlight has been eating up nearly 100% CPU on a regular basis. It got so bad I shut down spotlight for a time but realized how much I rely on it and had to turn it back on. I was hoping it was a temporary issue that would fix itself but of course it did not. With a little searching I landed here . Thanks to Mr. Struzinski for bringing this to attention. I had to share here in the hopes that even more folks can find this important fix and continue to reap the benefits of having offsite backups of their irreplaceable data.

Long story short simply add /Library/Backblaze to your private (unindexed) data in Spotlight. You can find this preference panel by clicking the apple logo in the top left of your screen then going to “System Preferences…” and choosing “Spotlight” in the dialog.

Hopefully Backblaze fixes this automatically in their next installer.

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